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T-SHOTS Best Reactive Targets

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Benefits of using T-SHOTS

  • T-Shots are the most versatile reactive gun targets, they are able to adapt or adapted too many different functions and activities.
  • Maximum visibility 5-1/4” target turns instantly and completely from red to green, providing visual confirmation at a pull of the trigger.
  • VELCRO ATTACHMENT backing makes targets easy to put on any surface and remove when finished.
  • Perfect for all firearms, calibers, including sim rounds and air soft guns.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • T-SHOTS targets engage the shooter as well as spectators at the same time.
  • Sets a standard to keep track of your improvements.
  • Since you can immediately see that you hit your target from afar, you won’t have to keep walking up and down range to check if you have hit your target.
  • With T-SHOTS, never again will you have to ask yourself, did I hit my target or not.

Benefits Of Using Reactive Targets

  • Reactive targets are preferred for target shooting.
  • Reactive targets provide Visual REAL TIME CONFIRMATION of a hit or a miss.
  • If the shooter misses the target, it allows them to re-position their aim immediately while still in shooting position;this greatly improves shooting skills.
  • When the shooter hits the target, immediate confirmation allows the shooter to train muscle memory.
  • Reactive targets provide INSTANT GRADIFICATION which enhances the shooting experience
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What Our Clients Say

T-Shots is the perfect target for beginners and experienced shooters. These disposal targets are easy to assemble. Its diameter and bold color is great for sight and visibility. Color change occurs immediately once target is impacted. These targets could be used both indoors or on the field. I highly recommend this product. My kids and I very much enjoyed the T-Shots experience.

– Lorelen