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Benefits of using T-SHOTS

• T-Shots are the most versatile reactive gun targets, they are able to adapt or adapted too many different functions and activities.

• Maximum visibility4.5” target turns instantly and completely from red to green, providing visual confirmation at a pull of the trigger.

• Self-adhesive backing makes targets easy to put on any surface and remove when finished.

• Perfect for all firearms, calibers, including sim rounds and airsoft guns.

• Great for indoor and outdoor use.

• T-SHOTS targets engage the shooter as well as spectators at the same time.

• Sets a standard to keep track of your improvements.

• Since you can immediately see that you hit your target from afar, you won’t have to keep walking up and down range to check if you have hit your target.

• With T-SHOTS, never again will you have to ask yourself, did I hit my target or not.

Benefits of using Reactive Targets

• Reactive targets are preferred for target shooting.

• Reactive targets provide REAL TIME CONFIRMATION of a hit or a miss.

• If the shooter misses the target, it allows them to re-position their aim immediately while still in shooting position;this greatly improves shooting skills.

• When the shooter hits the target, immediate confirmation allows the shooter to train muscle memory.

• Reactive targets provide INSTANT GRADIFICATION which enhances the shooting experience.

Steel Targets are also a Good Option But With Limitations

• Steel targets tend to be bulky, heavy, difficult to set up and transport.

• Limited set up options.

• You have to be at a minimum safe distance, of at least 15 yards, in order to shoot steel targets.

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