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Who We Are

We are a manufacturer and distributor of T-SHOTS, The most versatile disposable, Reactive gun targets.

Since my Navy days, I always enjoyed a fun afternoon out with a couple of buddies target shooting. Our best memories were, driving out to the desert, lining up a bunch of cans and firing away. That real-time confirmation followed by instant gratification had you anxious to take another shot. Quickly it would turn into competitions amongest the guys, engaging the shooters and spectators. Unfortunately, the drive out to the desert was long and inconvenient so we resorted to going to the local gun ranges.

At the gun range, shooting at a paper target or cardboard just wasn’t the same. Not getting that real-time confirmation as I fired prevented me from adjusting my aim. It also didn’t seem like anyone was engaged and by the time that target was brought closer the results lacked luster. Leaving the gun range I didn’t feel any more confident in my shooting skills. I felt like all I was doing was emptying out my bullets. I noticed myself not going shooting as often as I would like to. That is when I set out to find a solution to my problem.

About 6 months and a dozen different prototypes, I came up with T-SHOTS,the versatile, disposable, reactive, gun targets, With T-SHOTS, never again will you have to ask yourself, “Did I hit my target or not?” With T-SHOTS, “Every shot counts!” So who is ready to join T-SHOTS NATION and make T-SHOTS America’s #1 shooting target?

​T-Shots Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the target shooting industry by “MAKING EVERY SHOT COUNT!”

Providing visual real-time confirmation followed by instant gratification

Real-time Confirmation

T-SHOTS America’s #1 Shooting Targets

T-SHOTS Best Reactive Targets

T-SHOTS Demo Video

Thank you for your interest in T-Shots. Your questions and comments are important to us. Please complete the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible…

EMAIL: tshots@tshotsnation.com

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What Our Clients Say

T-Shots is the perfect target for beginners and experienced shooters. These disposal targets are easy to assemble. Its diameter and bold color is great for sight and visibility. Color change occurs immediately once target is impacted. These targets could be used both indoors or on the field. I highly recommend this product. My kids and I very much enjoyed the T-Shots experience.

– Lorelen